Top of the classic hill

Hillbomb.com started during the summer of 2018 in Birmingham when a group of skateboarders all coincidentally met at the same skatepark. While off school, each of them came to the same skatepark everyday. As it was such a hot summer, it was necessary to cool off by ‘hillbombing’ the steepest hill descending to the skatepark. The rallying cry to do this ‘hillbomb’ was to chant ‘hillbomb.com’. It was a Russian roulette of either successfully cooling down or wobbling out of your skateboard and slamming into the concrete. Either way, it led to the whole group to form a bond.

As winter came, the boys were forced to stay inside and skate less. As a result, they had to find something else to do. For Will Neale, this was splicing that summer’s clips together to form a perfect skate video. For Charlie Barber, it was taking 35mm photos to prove he’s edgy. For Callum ‘Tman’ Tully, it was creating iconic designs to go on hoodies, stickers or skate decks. As for everyone else on hillbomb, who knows? Maybe they hibernated on days too wet to skate.

Eventually everyone realised we needed to bring our skate magic and banging creativity together, leading to the formation of hillbomb.com. We created it with the intetion for this to be a creative outlet for all to enjoy. We will be releasing anything from cheeky skate edits to hoodies even your nan would rock.